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Cyber WhatsApp is a modified app of WhatsApp in which we get to see many extra features which we don’t get at all in simple WhatsApp as you know that WhatsApp is a social media app and by which we can stay connected with people, chat with people easily, and if we want to make calls, we can also use WhatsApp for that. The best function of WhatsApp is this. It’s end-to-end encryption, it means that when we talk to someone on WhatsApp, no other person can see it, it is only between us.

Customization Options

In this app we get more customization options as compared to normal WhatsApp, we can customize our home screen and header bar as we want, we can use any image in the background of our chat. In addition, it contains new animation styles and a lot of customization within our chats screen, you can customize your message send animations, chat scroll animations, chats and group separations, all within this WhatsApp.

Freeze Last Seen

In this app we also get to see the option of freeze last seen. The option of freeze last seen means that we can freeze our last seen. When we enable this option, our last scene will be stuck and stop at the same time. So when ever we go online again, No one can see our online status, the same old Last seen will continue to show.

Message Scheduler

Another best feature of this app is that we can schedule our message within this app, anytime we want to send a message to anyone from our contacts, we just have to type that message, and time and date have to be set in it, so as soon as we set it and do OK, then that time and date that message is delivered to that user automatically.

Locking Chats

Inside Cyber WhatsApp we also get chat lock option chat lock means we can lock the chat of any user. We can add pin or pattern on it. Next time whenever we open that user’s chat, it will ask us for that specific pin and pattern, so when we enter that correct pin, then that chat will be unlocked and we will talk to him. And if we don’t know the code, Or if another user tries to open that chat app, he won’t be able to access it because he won’t know the password.

Show Deleted Messages & Status

Apart from this, the most popular option of this app is that we can see the deleted messages and deleted status inside it. If anyone will send you any message and delete it immediately then that message will not be deleted from your chat and will continue to be shown. Also you can see deleted status in your status section. And you can view and download it whenever you want.


If you want to use the extra features of WhatsApp like saving a status, freezing the last seen and any other features that I have discussed above, then Cyber WhatsApp is for you. But, the biggest problem with this WhatsApp is that it is an unofficial version of WhatsApp and we can’t recommend it and If you still want to use it, you can download it from our link.

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