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EasyShare Apk is a file transfer app that can transfer any file at ultra-fast speed. You can transfer anything and any type of file to another device whether it is Android to Android, Android to phone or Android to a Windows laptop. You can transfer files from any device to any other device without internet with the help of this app.

Fast Speed Transferring Up to 40Mbps

You get the fastest file transfer speed in EasyShare app and it’s the best among all file transfer apps. You can send your file to any other device and get the speed up to 40Mbps which is very high. You just have to select your file and click on share.

Offline Sharing

It also supports offline sharing which means you can share any file anywhere without an internet connection. You must have this app, you can connect your device with this app and send your files from one device to another device without any internet connection.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Inside this app you get cross-platform technology with the help of which you can send any file from any device to any other device. If you want to transfer the file from an android to iPhone then you can do that easily with this app or if you have an Android phone and you want to transfer the file from it to Windows then it also supports this. You can do all kinds of file sharing in it.

Group Sharing

Group sharing is another best function of this app that allows you to transfer files to more than two devices at the same time if you have a file that you want to send to two or more devices. So, connect all your devices with the help of this app and you will be able to send that file to all your devices at the same time.

Clean User Interface

When we talk about the interface of this app, the interface of this app is very clean and simple, in addition, you don’t see any ads in the interface of this app and you can easily select and share your files. Along with the files, you also send apps from it, all the apps are shown in front of you and whoever wants to send an app or a file, just click on it and click on the share button below, your file will start to be send.


If you are tired of your old file transfer app and looking for a new and better file transfer then EasyShare is for you this app can share your files in a very easy and simple way. It will also provide you a good transferring speed and also it is totally free and also it doesn’t show any ads. So all in all it is a very good app and a complete package for you, if you want to download it, then you can download it from our given link or from play store. Download it and use it.

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