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In today’s post we will talk about Facebook. Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms and almost all of you know about Facebook. Facebook is created by Mark Zuckerberg and he is the founder and CEO. In this post we will discuss the new latest features of Facebook and share some of the best options of Facebook in front of you, so let’s get started.

News Feed Customization

Facebook News Feed means that the news and posts that are shown to you in the feed. The latest feature introduced by Facebook is that you can customize your news feed, you can prioritize the posts you want, which posts you want to see more or which posts you don’t want to see at all. It can be completely customized so that you will be shown the news feed exactly according to you and according to your preferences.

Messenger Integration

With the help of Messenger integration, Facebook has completely merged its Messenger with Facebook, with the help of which you can now send any of your voice messages through Messenger, make video calls, and make audio calls. Any media can be shared with any user on Facebook through Messenger. Chatting with people has become very easy after the introduction to Messenger Integration. Also, you can add new people to your chat section, and interact with them directly.

Privacy Settings

Over time Facebook has improved its privacy settings even more and now you get to see more privacy in Facebook like now you can lock your profile. Whenever someone visits your profile, they cannot see your profile, it will be shown on your profile Profile is Locked and they can only send you a friend request if You add him to your friend list only then he can see your profile and otherwise he can’t see your profile.

Profile Customization

Facebook has also introduced new features of profile customization such as Professional Mode. You can enable professional mode in your profile, after enabling your profile is shown in a professional way. Your followers and following start showing very clearly, in addition you can enjoy all the other new options of Facebook like you can set your featured images there, add your hobbies, hide your friends, etc. Facebook has introduced even more customization features for people.

Facebook Marketplace

One of the most interesting features of Facebook is its marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is basically a new marketplace. If you have any old or new item or any product that you want to sell then you will list it on Facebook Market. All the Facebook users around you will have show that product and if any Facebook user wants to buy that product, they can chat with you, Or by contacting your number, he can purchase the product from you. Facebook Marketplace is a new type of huge market where you can sell any type of new and old products in your surrounding area.

Facebook Page Monetization

The best feature of Facebook is Facebook page monetization earlier Facebook monetization was not enabled in Pakistan but some time ago it has come in Pakistan and now even living in Pakistan you can monetize your Facebook page. The biggest advantage of monetizing your Facebook page is that you can earn from your page as many views as you have, ads will be shown on your page and With its help you can earn good amount from your Facebook page after this feature many people have started working on Facebook professionally to grow their pages and to earn from Facebook.


If you are a user who left Facebook because of its boring features, then this is a right time to come back to Facebook because Facebook has now gone to a different level. There are many new features inside Facebook. Things have been added, the throw-ups of which you can build your career on Facebook if you work hard, reach out to people, you can do different marketing on Facebook, you can grow your own page. Even you can build your own business through Facebook. Download it now, learn and use it.

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