NameGTA 5 Fan Made Apk
PublisherRockstar Games
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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In this post we are going to talk about a GTA 5 Fan Made Apk in which you can enjoy GTA 5 gameplay on your Android phone and get a engaging experience. As you guys know GTA 5 is a pc game that have around 100GB size on pc which is not even free and you have to purchase it. That’s why we have brought this fan-made app for you, with the help of which you can get the experience of GTA 5 in your Android phone, It is also completely free to download and play.

GTA 5 fan made app is not exactly the same as GTA 5 but can provide you a similar experience like GTA 5 PC, it has same GTA 5 map, storylines and places inside it and more. There are a lot of weapons and an open world experience, plus you can do whatever you want in it, you can customize the game to your preferences and also adjust the graphics.

Enhanced Graphics

Inside this Fan Made app you get to see advanced graphics which doesn’t means that the graphics will be the same as GTA 5 but the graphics are quit similar to original game because in takes less RAM and less storage and made for an android phone. We can’t provide those same graphics in this size but other than that as much as possible you will see the best graphics in this app and it will be very similar to genuine GTA 5.

Customizable Controls

Within that minimal size you also get the see option of customizing controls. Yes, just like in GTA 5, you can customize the controls on your own way. You can place the controls wherever you want. and can control the entire game while staying on the touch screen of your Android phone.

Offline Play

The best part of this game is that you get it completely offline as you know that Original GTA 5 for PC is an online game. You can only play it online only but this fan made game that we have brought for you is completely offline, here you don’t have any internet requirement, install and play this game with peace of mind.

Expanded Map

By looking at the size, you might be thinking that the map of this game will be very small, but it is not at all. As big as possible extended map we have put inside this game and it is very big map also call it an open word map you can go anywhere you can explore many places. You can go inside a lot of stores and experience the games well.

New Storylines

In addition to the functions of GTA 5, we have also added some functions from our side in it, for example, you will see new weapons, new cars, and we add some extras missions in it which you can enjoy .In New Cars you will get to see all kinds of latest cars like sports cars with the help of which you can enjoy the game even more better.


Over all if you guys are looking for a similar game GTA 5 for you android phone that fulfills your gaming requirement right inside your phone then you are at the right place by downloading this app. You can install and get the GTA 5 experience in your mobile phone, too easily and freely.

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