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So friends in this post today we will talk about Instagram as you guys already know that Instagram is a social media platform like Facebook Instagram was first started by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom but later It was bought by Facebook for one billion dollars and now Instagram is owned by Facebook and Facebook runs Instagram . It has a stories option which is very popular. In addition, we also get to see built-in filters that we can use in our stories and also in pictures, and Instagram is very popular because it is mostly used celebrities.


The most highlighting feature of Instagram is its stories. Stories feature was first introduced by Instagram. In Stories we are basically upload any of our video or picture publicly for 24 hours. Similar to whatsapp status but slightly different because in stories we can put any tax in addition we can put any Instagram reel as our stories and interact with people a lot of celebrities Use this feature and keep guiding people about their daily life routine.


The second biggest feature of Instagram is Reels. Reels are basically short videos that we post on Instagram. They are very similar to TikTok where we upload 10 or 60 second videos. Reels are uploaded on Instagram and many people have become famous from Reels and people like to watch Reels more and more. Reels are mostly use in India because TikTok is ban in India so people use Instagram reels as a replacement of TikTok.

Instagram Live

Apart from this, the most amazing feature of Instagram is that most of the celebrities and big sportsmen using is Instagram Live. Go live on their Instagram and can talk to people live and reply to their comments. You can give any of your thoughts through Instagram’s life feature, any update and thus celebrities guides their followers about their new events and many more. You can either talk to them through their live comments.

Direct Messaging

Instagram also provides us direct message support with the help of which we can send private and personal message to any user. We can also share reel to other user in their inbox.

Private Account

Instagram also provides us with private account facility which means that our account is hidden from all people and only those people can visit our post and our account or message us in the inbox who is only followed by us on in our following list.

Filters and Effects

In Instagram stories we see a lot of filters and effects that are used by a lot of people. You can change the fonts of separate text or add any color to your image or boost any color, and we can do all this very easily with the help of effects and filter feature of Instagram.


Overall Instagram is a complete package of social media where you can follow the life of very famous celebrities, see what they are doing in their daily routine life, besides you can also share your own life on Instagram. And also if you want to talk to someone then you can use Instagram for that also you can use to watch Reels so use Instagram and don’t forget to visit us

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