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KineMaster is a video software that is very old in market and provides a lot of editing features. Within KineMaster we find different types of features and these are totally better from today’s video editors like CapCut. It is very different and more useful because inside it you can do multi-layer video editing and also inside it you get its own asset store. which you can use in your video to make it more interesting and engaging.

Multi-Layer Video Editing

The first and the most useful feature of KineMaster is its Multi layer editing, you can use different layers of your video within KineMaster. Also any other layer you want to add to the video can also be added but for that you must have an Android phone with good specs. And you can work on all layers at a same time and apply different editing on every layer.

Chroma Key

Within KineMaster, you get the option of Chroma Key. Chroma Key is basically a part of professional video editing software that allows you to remove your background from the green screen and this feature can also be used to change the color of your background. KineMaster App provides built-in Chroma Key Option that allows app users to easily remove their background using any green screen.

Real-Time Preview

One of the best features of KineMaster is that you get to watch the real-time preview of your video. On the top right side of your timeline, you get to see a small box that contains your real-time preview. You can see live preview of any new editing or any new effect or any text you add to your video, and it shows you how it will look inside your video.

Asset Store

In this video editor, you get to see the Asset store, in which you get to see many stickers and many more effects that you can apply directly to your video. Basically, in every video editor, we have to create our own effects, and we don’t get any ready-made effects but KineMaster provides us a separate store where we can use pre-built stickers, filters, effects and text fonts.

Advanced Audio Editing

In KineMaster we also get the option of audio editing along with the video. In this video editor we can do advanced audio editing including adjusting the pitch of your audio, speeding it up, slowing it down, removing background voices, reducing noise, all this is included and we can easily edit our audio with video together and export both at the same time.

Multiple Export Options

After that KineMaster also provides multiple export option which means you can export your video in any resolution like if you have a low specification device then you can export your video in lower resolution. Export will not cause your mobile to hang and the video will be exported easily and quickly, but if you have a good smartphone with a good processor, you can export your video in a high resolution. And use it on any social media platform.

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