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Our latest post is about MX Player. MX Player is a video player available for Android. In it, we can easily watch videos of any format without any buffering. There are no ads to be seen and it also runs very smoothly on all Android phones and we also get time-to-time updates that make this app even better. from others

MX Player is the only video player that can play up to 4K video. If your phone will lags and get stuck again and again, so you need a good video player, that’s why we have brought you MX Player, where you can play videos up to 4K.

Hardware Acceleration

The first best feature of MX Player is Hardware Acceleration. Hardware Accelerations are compatible with our phone hardware and can make our video run more enhanced and smoother. When playing inside our phone, our MX player makes good contact with our hardware and runs the video very easily and very smoothly and provides us with a great experience.

Subtitles Support 

Second, we also get support for subtitles, now you can play high-quality videos in it, and if your videos have subtitles, you also get the option to watch them with subtitles. You can find the separate subtitles section above from there you can also add your own subtitles and if your video is in another language and you want to watch it with subtitles. So, simply turn on subtitles and the subtitles will start showing within your video.

Gesture Controls

Apart from all the outgoing functions, we also get to see the latest features inside the MX player, which are updated according to the Android phone, so with the update of the app, all those features are also enrolled in your app. As Gesture Control is a control, we can control our video with our gestures. When we are playing a video inside MX Player, with the help of gestures, we can skip the playback video, start playing the video, change the speed of the video and play the video in the background.

Kid’s Lock Feature

For children, it has a kids lock feature with the help of which you can lock your video after playing it. The video keeps playing, whenever someone touches your screen, your video does not have any impact on it, because it often happens that whenever we play a video and put the phone in the child’s hand, they make different touches and our video stops. And it is very irritating to solve this thus they have introduced this feature which helps You can lock your screen.

Network Streaming

In addition to this, we finally get to see network streaming within MX Player. If you have a link of a movie or drama that you want to watch online, you don’t have to go anywhere else. You can paste this link inside MX Player and stream the content online, the advantage is that you see minimal buffering, no extra advertisements and you can stream your video smoothly.


Also, if you are looking for a good video editor to play your heavy to heavy videos on your phone without any buffering, then this video player is for you be quick to download this video player from the Google Play store. Or download it from the download link given on our website and enjoy and don’t forget to give us your feedback thanks for reading this post.

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