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The topic of today’s post is Oppo Browser. We come across many browser apps on play store with the help of which we can surf the internet but each browser app has its own unique features that make them different from others. We improve and differentiate the same thing we bring to you guys Oppo Browser that comes built-in in Oppo phones but if you still use it in your phone If you want to do it, you can download it, install it and use it.

This browser is not like many other browsers but it is very different from them because inside it you get to see so many pre-built features that you have to download separate applications to use but all of them. Features up within a browser app to use and enjoy your internet

Fast Downloading

Oppo Browser makes downloading even faster because in it you get support of parallel downloading inside it. After download it you will be able to download your file as quick as possible by increasing your speed, and you can also check your downloading speed inside it.

Ad Blocker

You will also get a built-in ad blocker inside It, you download any video or go to any website to get any information, you get a lot of ads there, but when you use this browser. It will block all your ads and you will get a smooth user experience, which will improve your internet experience and save your time, By skipping all annoying ads.

Incognito Mode

Like Google Chrome, you get incognito mode in it, if you want to do any private search or you don’t save your browsing history, you can turn on incognito mode in it. After doing this, the history of whatever you browse will not be saved nor it will be recorded in your phone. It will wipe everything and all those tabs will disappear as soon as you turn it off.

Night Mode

In addition, if you use the up-to-date Oppo browser app, you can also see the night mode in it. Often times, when we are using a browser at night, our eyes are damage to a lot of light. Which is quite harmful In this app we can use night mode which adds a yellow light tone inside our browser and we can easily see whatever content or whatever we are using there for long time.

Customizable Themes

Apart from that, if you guys are worried about the look of your default browser and want a new amazing style for your browser, you can also use themes store to get a separate theme inside it. From where you can go and apply any theme of your choice in your browsers and after that the entire look of your browser will be changed and will be according to the theme that you have just installed. Select what you want and you can make your experience even better and it looks a lot engaging too.


Overall, this is a complete package of amazing features, a browser that has adblocker, customizing options and such up-to-date features, so you can quickly download and use it to use these features and enhance your browsing experience.

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