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Friends in this article we are going to talk about Snapchat as you guys already know snapchat is a kind of social media platform in which we can click our picture photos and also You can also share it, the best feature of Snapchat is its privacy. You can use Snapchat to chat with anyone without any privacy concerns. Because every message we upload on snapchat gets automatically destroyed once it is shown, so let’s start and we will just look at some of the best features of the snapchat that makes it so popular.

Disappearing Content

So let’s talk about the most popular and awesome feature of Snapchat which is message disappearing whenever we send any message on snapchat to another user it is shown once to that user and Immediately after that he disappears from the chat or you can set a timer to either disappear immediately or after viewing of 24 hours. If we take a screenshot of a chat or save any photo of someone, then the notification also goes to him, which makes our privacy even better and more, and we can chat without any privacy concern. You can chat with people and share your private things.

Augmented Reality

After the disappearance of the messages, the latest and best features of the Snapchat is the artificial intelligence. Snapchat has introduced artificial intelligence in its app some time ago. And if you are thinking of doing something good in your free time, you can talk to the AI. Also, you can use any local language to communicate with artificial Intelligence, we speak any language in any part of the world, Artificial Intelligence will speak to you in that language. You can also send voice messages and share images with it to further improve your communication.

Engaging Stories and Discover Content

Another advanced feature of Snapchat is that we can put our own stories inside it, every user can update a story in their profile that lasts for 24 hours, it can be a photo or a video. It may disappear automatically after a day and apart from that we can also consume the content in Snapchat, we can watch short videos on Snapchat just like there are reels on Instagram. And makes your time much more interesting and great for time pass. You can also create your own short video content on snapchat.

Lenses and Filters

Snapchat also provides us with lenses and filters, by which we can make our photos more beautiful and good looking. After applying these filters and lenses, all the colors in our photos become more and more intense. It looks even better than simple photo before this people used Photoshop for it and it was very time consuming editing to make photos like this but since Snapchat came out people have started using it. Snapchat can also change a lot of lenses for you. Also it provides us with every facility we want to do best photography.

Privacy and Control

Then let’s talk about privacy. As you guys know, Snapchat is also known for its privacy because within it you can neither take a screenshot nor save any personal photo of the next user. Whenever you do that the next user knows because whenever you take a screenshot or save someone else’s image, a notification will go to the next user that you have saved a photo or given a screenshot of the chat from which it can be traced, it further invades our privacy and we can share anything without worry.


Overall, if you guys are looking for a best platform to enhance your images and want to chat with people without any privacy concern. This is the best option for you, you guys can download it from google play store or download it from my above link and use it and don’t forget to give it a review. And thanks for visiting our website.

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