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Twitter is a social media platform just like Facebook and Instagram within it we can communicate with people and share our points of view. In twitter we have post option, retweet option and many more options are available, And some time ago Twitter was bought by Elon Musk for one billion dollars. In this post we will talk about Twitter and some of its specific functionalities.

140-Character Limit

The first and best function of Twitter is that we limit our communication within 140 characters, we have to do only point-to-point communication and provide a good user experience. So that we understand him well and there is no big conversation and save our time as much as we can. And also see others point of view.

Trending Topics

Within Twitter we get to see the trending topics. According to our country, the thing that is trending the most in our country or the thing that people are talking about the most can be seen on Twitter. Apart from that we can follow the trends and share our point of view on the trends. If anything new is imported into a country, then the discussion about it also starts on Twitter


Within Twitter we also get the option of hashtags, which means that we can use hashtags with what we post or tweet. And with the help of hashtag we know what this post is related to and in what category we are trying to guide or share our point of view. Also we can use different hashtags in Twitter.

Retweets and Likes

Inside twitter we get retweet and like option like option is not special as same like option we also get on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms but retweet is a very different function of twitter. This basically means that if we like someone’s tweet, then we can repost it from our account.

Verified Accounts

On twitter we get verified accounts i.e. people who are very famous or genuine people like a country’s prime minister or a cricketer or any person who is more popular among people. Verified accounts by Twitter get a blue color tick which helps us to know that it is a verified genuine account account because the people who are more popular then other people start scamming by creating fake accounts by their name.

Direct Messages (DMs):

In the twitter we also get the option of direct messages that means if we like any user and want to talk to him, then we can go to his profile and talk to him on direct message, but this is only at that time when that user accepts our message request without a request exception, we are not able to send a message to anyone and it reduces privacy concerns and makes our communications more efficient.


In this post we have made a complete discussion about twitter and told you about all its features. Overall Twitter is a very good social media and you get a lot of information and latest trends in it. And you can also download twitter from simple play store or if you want to download it from our website then click on download button above and don’t forget to give us feedback.

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