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Unique VPN is a VPN app that allows you to access the service of different countries and use their IP address. In addition, Unique VPN allows you to access all the global servers. By using this VPN App you can get Geo Location of any country and also access all the blocked websites. This VPN also provides many other features like Ads Blocking, User friendly interface and fast connection speed.

Strong Encryption

Unique VPN provides you with strong encryption, with the help of which when you download or upload any data on the Internet and an encryption is added inside it, with the help of which neither your Data cannot be hacked anywhere and no virus can attack it, besides it prevents any type of virus from entering your device and provides you with a strong encryption.

Also, whenever you connect to this VPN, it hides your real IP and provides you with another temporary IP address so that if you visit any website, your real IP is not shown there and the VPN IP address shown everywhere and with the help of this you can access any website anonymously.

High-Speed Performance

It also provides high-speed performance every time you connect to the app, then it connects you to a high-performance server with encryption and then you access the Internet. And it provides a high speed without any delay and like other VPN Apps this VPN doesn’t have any disconnect problem and it provides a smooth connection.

Global Server Network

In this VPN we get to see global servers network which means we can access all the global servers in it we have to connect from any country and get IP address of any country it is simple We have to go to the service list and select the country and it will give us the IP address of that country after connecting and within it we see many countries around 50 plus countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada and many more.

Kill Switch

This VPN app also provides us kill switch facility which means that whenever your connection with VPN gets lost due to slow internet then your real IP address will not exposed and it continue showing its own IP address, many third-party VPN apps expose your real IP whenever you connection dropped with VPN. And it enhances your privacy even more.

User-Friendly Interface

The best thing about this VPN is that inside it you get a very user friendly interface no ads show inside this app and in this VPN app you simply get all servers list. And from the list you have to click on the VPN of any country you want to connect and it will be connect in a second to your selected country and after that you can enjoy your internet.


If you are looking for a VPN app that provides you with servers of all countries and is also easy to use, then this VPN is absolutely for you. Also this is an ads free VPN also it is totally free to use. Just go to Google Play Store Or Download it from our website and enjoy your VPN.

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